The management of an HOA is unique.  The Ownership has the right to vote in the decision making process but rarely, if ever, is there a quorum met to make these decisions as a whole.  That means the decision making is left to the Board of Administrators.  That is a heavy burden for a group of 4-7 people to carry.  

It is the opinion of FCMM that partnering with professional management can lead to a prosperous and well maintained neighborhood.  FCMM will work with the Board to make informed, researched, and well planned decisions that fit within the long term goals and budget of the community.

FCMM provides the accounting procedures, qualified personnel and cutting edge technology which allows accurate accounting and reporting on a regularly scheduled basis and provides the Owner’s or Association’s CPA or accountants with all the necessary reports and documentation to complete timely annual tax returns and reports to the Owners and Investors.


While FCMM is a profit based company, we do not feel that  tacking on excessive fees is the way to do business. Therefore, we do not up-charge any of our services and do not tack on any additional fees, such as trip charges, etc.

All of our charges are clearly identified before a contract is signed. FCMM does not own any part of the third-party contractors that we use nor do we receive any “kick-backs”, commissions or incentive fees for using these companies. 

We attach all invoices to work orders so the Client sees exactly what the expenses are.  We pay all bills weekly, , making reports very consistent and as true to monthly costs as possible. We provide full financial reports to the Owners or Associations every month and a summary page that breaks down the month financially.  We also provide a monthly management report that identifies all of the activities performed on the property by our management and maintenance staff, as well as recommendations for going forward.